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Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a growing and continually evolving learning methodology that integrates the principles and practices from group and team development, professional coaching and facilitation. It carries with it unlimited opportunities to be customized to achieve unique learning outcomes and adapt to the unique styles of groups and cultures found within organizations.

Bette, as a certified professional coach, works with her clients to co-create Group Coaching programs that bring together small groups of individuals along themes of shared need or interest. Optimum group size is between 4-10 people. They may be part of an existing organizational or community team and are working towards specific goals including team dynamics and relationship building or Group Coaching can support diverse group of individuals, without prior relationships, who may come together through shared interests and goals such as not-for profit leadership development, work-life-balance, career transitions, retirement, community building or many other areas of interest.

Bette provides Group Coaching through on-line platforms as well as “in person” programs and can also customize programs that combine “in- person”, use of technology and a blend of group time and 1:1 time.


What are the Benefits of Group Coaching?

Group Coaching provides all of the benefits of individual coaching that include:

  • creating safe, confidential and non-judgemental spaces for clients to clarify and deepen their understanding of their challenges, goals, hopes and aspirations;
  • supporting client generated solutions and strategies towards their goals;
  • championing the client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole; and,
  • supporting the client in holding themselves accountable for what is important to them.


Additionally, Group Coaching:

  • is typically lower in cost that traditional 1:1 coaching and creates opportunities for people and price sensitive organizations to access the benefits of coaching which otherwise might be prohibitive;
  • creates opportunities for creating or expanding learning and support networks through interaction and engagement with other members of the group;
  • helps to strengthen interpersonal understanding and communications among members of groups or organizations that work together or have interdependent relationships; and,
  • develops individual and group leadership skills and competencies that can support organizational goals.

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