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Leaders come to executive coaching for a number of reasons and what is common to all is a deep desire to “move forward” with some form of action. They could be “stuck” with a situation and unable to think of what else to do to move the organization forward. They may have a number of options and need a sounding board to try them out before making a decision. They could be seeking a career or professional change and unsure what is needed or how to proceed. Often senior and executive leaders do not have anyone with whom they can have confidential conversations with and need a place to talk out loud their fears and ideas – without judgement. Bette shares her professional experience and executive coaching expertise to:


  • work with leaders to identify and create intentional strategy towards goals in business, communications, change management, relationships and other related topics;
  • help leaders achieve more effective time management that results in professional success balanced with aspirations in health, family, leisure and community;
  • support the “on-boarding” and effective integration of executives as they assume roles and responsibilities that have increased complexity, new reporting relationships with Boards of Directors and demand adaptive approaches in leadership style, communications and strategy;
  • support senior and executive leaders in their career development and transitions for retirement planning including the exciting yet often unknown “Next Chapter”; and,
  • facilitate groups in their alignment with organizational vision and values, approaches to team communications and strategies for collective performance and improved productivity.

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