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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching is a specialized and growing profession based on the pillars of neuroscience, mediation and professional coaching. Conflict management is considered a core competency for leaders and yet today’s executives and managers are facing increasingly complex challenges, multiple stressors with 360 degrees of organizational dynamics; these organizational realities are creating a diversity of conflicts, tensions, disputes and in many cases undermining or immobilizing progress.

As a certified CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coach, Bette works with leaders and team members to:

  • identify their own trigger points or “hot buttons” and proactively strengthen their competence and confidence in successfully navigating conflict towards positive solutions;
  • identify their own actions and behaviors that may be negatively impacting others and hence how they are perceived by others and develop leadership styles for more positive impact;
  • consider the most appropriate strategies and approaches in managing a conflict or dispute   currently in progress and develop an action plan to shift it towards more positive resolution;
  • prepare for a challenging 1:1 interaction such as a performance review, disciplinary conversation or presentation/dialogue about change processes; and,
  • prepare for participation in mediation or other conflict related processes such as negotiation, arbitration, restorative justice or group facilitation.

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