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FAQs & Links


What is a Sample Session?

Every client experiences coaching uniquely and for many it has the potential to be transformational. If you are interested in coaching for yourself, an associate or friend, it is recommended that you first interview a coach for a sense of rapport.  You can then try a Sample Session to “experience” coaching first hand. Bette Watson-Borg offers free and completely confidential 30 minute Sample Sessions to be scheduled at a time and date of your convenience.

How Does The Actual Coaching Take Place?

Most executive and leadership coaching takes place via phone or computer technology such as Skype or Zoom. This approach allows the client to maximize their time in the coaching session rather than in travel time. In addition, there are many advantages to virtual coaching that include:

  • increased flexibility and access to coaching that aligns client needs and interests with coach skills and experience. Through technology, coaches can work with clients from all over the world;
  • increased integrity of the confidentiality of the coaching program as there is no physical presence of a coach on a work site;
  • reduced distractions as the entire focus is on the coaching agenda rather than room set up, refreshments and social conversation that may accompany face to face meetings; and,
  • On site coaching, can be discussed based on availability of quiet and confidential meeting space.
How Often Are Coaching Sessions?

Coaching fees are based on an hourly rate and generally structured for two – 60 minute sessions / month or three – 40 minute sessions/month. Customized schedules and fee structures may also be discussed, based on time sensitive coaching topics. Bette Watson-Borg calls her clients and sessions start and end on time.

What are the Fees for Coaching?

1:1 Coaching Fees

Bette’s 1:1 coaching fees are based on an hourly rate that is inclusive of her preparation and follow up for each session, the actual time coaching and any financial administration required. As well, Bette provides, at no additional cost, email communication between coaching sessions. This component is discussed as part of the coaching agreements and based on the interest and needs of the client.

Payment is required in advance of the coaching sessions and billing can be done as part of a monthly payment plan through E Banking, Paypal or if being paid by a third party through corporate invoicing.

Customized schedules and fee structures may also be considered based on the needs of the client with potential discounts for multiple sessions paid in advance.


Group Coaching Fees

Bette works with her clients to co-create the Group Coaching outcomes based on their interests and needs. Fees for Group Coaching are based on an hourly rate for client consultations, program design, program delivery and evaluation. Additional costs that may be incurred included travel and accommodation if required, venue rental, catering and materials.

For more information regarding 1:1 and Group Coaching fees please contact Bette directly at

How Does Coaching Work When the Employer Is Paying?

The coach will convene with the employer (the sponsor) to understand what the goals are for the coaching. With the goals established, the coach will convene with the sponsor and the client to co-create an understanding of the goals and how they will be measured. Once the coaching starts, all content is confidential between the coach and client. It is only the client who has the right to share any content with the sponsor and only as agreed at the front end.


International Coach Federation

Coaches Training Institute

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